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Serenity Collection

Serenity is a collection of digital artworks created to bring a calming and simple look to your home decor without sacrificing beauty. Open up any space with these minimalistic prints.

My mission

Hello all,

My name is Natasha, I am an artist and the founder of

NaBe Art. 

Why do I create? I create for the little girls around the world who look in the mirror at early ages and don’t like what they see. For the moms who miss what they look like pre-baby. For the women who think they could lose a few pounds because society told them that what they were, wasn’t good enough. I create for me, who grew up so uncomfortable in my body that I learned to appreciate my body the way that I could appreciate the bodies that I paint. If my paintings are artwork, why aren’t we?

Throughout my life, I’ve come across a lot of insecurities in myself and other women circling around body image and what society believes is beautiful. I want my audience, my women and my girls all around the world, to know that no matter what shape or size you are, however short or tall, no matter what you look like on the outside, you ARE a masterpiece. God created you in the image he believed to be perfect and I’m here to remind you that through my art.

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